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Temperature stabiliser,
glacette, table-top refrigerator,
bottle cooler.

Today, one word is enough: Wice.

A simple name for a complete range
of wine servicing accessories.

Breaking the ice is easy with Wice.
Take it from the freezer and place it in the chassis.
Done. Now, the perfect touch:
uncork a bottle of your favourite wine.
The design of Wice is light in many ways:
for its weight, for each handling,
and - above all - for its fun-loving, cheerful personality.
Always ready to keep your Prosecco cool,
for aperitifs and other small or great occasions:
it will enhance your bottles while providing a cool,
convenient serving stand.

As elegant as a showcase,
as cool as a miniature fridge.





Very simple to assemble

Inserting the refrigerated pocket in the chassis is quick and easy. After this simple step, Wice is ready to release all its cool.
And now, with a good bottle of wine accommodated inside, your wine-tasting experience, dinner or party can start.

wice glacette


on the table

Easy to assemble and to move about, Wice is an eye-catcher sure to add a touch of elegance to your table. And more. The perfect slant of the pocket and its ergonomic shape ensure robustness and perfect balance. This avoids unwanted spilling.

The right

“Serve at a temperature of 10 degrees centigrade”, the label says. So? “I’ll put it in the fridge”, you think. Right, but then? The Wice refrigerator will do the rest at the table. Its main function is to stabilise the temperature of your bottles after you have removed them from the fridge. A win-win situation: you choose how cool you want it, Wice helps you keep it so.