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Who says that something beautiful cannot be useful at the same time? Wice can.

Its minimal, sinuous lines make this a design item sure to embellish your table, a corner of your home or your wine bar. Its ergonomic shape makes it perfect for any type of bottle and fully enhances its label so that you can display its contents in ideal manner. Wice is a new universe that everyone can interpret choosing the colours, materials and models they prefer. How about transparent green plastic with a white chassis or satin steel with a black chassis? It depends on you. In all cases, whatever your choice, you will be sure to have a concentration of perfect Italian style at home.




Available in many colours.
Choice yours.

A Wice for everyone.
Your favourite colour or the one which best complements your table.
Black is perfect for the dim lights of an after-dinner drink, bright red is great for a summer afternoon in the garden.
If in doubt, pick them both. Change the frame and your Wice can change at whim.

design made in italy

design a tavola

Steel or plastic?
Choose your cover.

Choosing the colour of the cover and of the pocket may not be enough to make your Wice really yours. Satin steel or plastic, opaque or transparent: you can change its appearance. And what about the sparking gold party-dress version or transparent plastic for dinners on the beach? It is up to you.