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Choose your mood and change the style
  • Green

    Lunch in the countryside, friends and fun. Laughter, a great, perfectly chilled bottle of white wine, a fresh, light menu, perfume of marjoram and thyme.

  • Dinner
    for two

    Cool, but not iced. Temperature from 6 to 8 degrees centigrade. Perfect with Wice. French Champagne or Italian Spumante? Choose either. Its the strawberries that count.

  • Passionate

    Vermilion, ruby, garnet, with hues of orange. The colour of passion is measured in degrees, like that of an excellent red served at the right temperature.

  • Happy Hour

    One of the best times of the day, and one which can last as long as you like if the drinking is good and the company is fun. For just the two of you or all your friends…

    L’ora più bella È quella dell’aperitivo, che può durare quanto vuoi, se si beve bene. E la compagnia funziona. In due e in tanti.

  • Sea blue

    A fresh fish menu, a breathtaking view, a cool breeze. An a bottle of white wine at the right temperature.

  • Strawberries and lemon

    Fresh fruit on the poolside, just chilling and having a chat. And quenching your thirst with a glass of refreshingly cool, bubbly water. Can I have something to drink, please?