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All you need is a freezer
to fill up with chill!

Wice needs nothing more.
Unlike classic wine buckets, you will avoid wasting
water needed to make ice and you will not need
any electricity to take your bottles to the right
temperature. Energy-efficient operation,
non-toxic materials and recyclable plastic
make this top-design glacette environment-friendly
at the same time.

tasca wice

Made with
recyclable plastic

Looking forward to a non-so-remote future in which it can be made using exclusively recycled materials, Wice offers its contribution already today for a world which is as respectful of the environment and health as much as possible. This is why it is entirely made of non-toxic materials and recyclable plastic.



Can be reused
time and time again.

How may times can you use Wice? Its simple principle means that it can be reused virtually for ever. If the freezer pocket stops working, no worries.
A tip: do you want more hours of cool?
Buy a spare pocket to keep in the freezer!

No energy.
No wastes of water.

It is like having a table-top refrigerator, but without the wires: Wice does not need electricity. Chill comes directly from its icy reserve. Making ice cubes will no longer be your first thought when organising your parties. You only need a few hours in a little space in your freezer to recharge it.