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wice jewels

Functionality and good looks rolled up into an stylish object that epitomises Italian design.

Ice buckets are a thing of a past:
you need something extra for keeping
wine cool for dinner or chilled vodka for a party.

Wice has the cool of a simple idea sure to win
on the long run: a freezer pocket to be inserted
in a chassis in one simple step. Done.

A new way for keeping any beverage at the
right temperature, a crucial requirement particularly
when it comes to wine.

No ice cubes or electricity.
For at least three hours it will keep its cool and
you can bid farewell to hidden bottles and damp labels.


Dry label, always in sight

This is the only table-top refrigerator which enhances bottles without hiding the label, a highly appreciated feature for wine. Droplets on bottles and napkins for drying, typical of ice buckets, will be a thing of the past.
With Wice you can always see what you are drinking…

Ideal for all types
of bottles

Not only wine. Wice is ideal for cooling any type of bottle. Its generously sized pocket can contain bottles of any type. From cool mineral water on a summer table to beer and iced vodka.

Up to three hours
of cool

Serve your bottle confident that it will keep its ideal temperature for at least three house to enhance your wine or beer. Today, you can. Wice is a temperature stabiliser designed to preserve the taste of your beverages.