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About Us

Wice springs from the success of I.M.P.

Wice is the result of many years of experience in plastic material manufacturing and the direct expression of I.M.P. know-how. From soap bottles to a stylish top-design glacette may appear quite a leap: on the contrary, the same heart beats in both products along with the Italian passion for quality, innovation and style. The same distinctive features that have characterised the company based in Altavilla Vicentina since 1952, which started off making containers for pharmaceuticals, and later, after sealing important agreements with several multinationals, added containers for cosmetics and detergents to its range. Decades of experience, in continuous evolution, aimed at seeking constant customer satisfaction along the entire production process from design to packaging.

Wice is simply our most recent challenge, this time on an entirely different level. The goal: to combine industrial scale production excellence with the style and idea of a consumer-oriented product. A new way to put 61 years of experience at the service of Italian design. An object, we trust, that will win the hearts of wine enthusiasts and more, because our ambition is to see Wice on all tables for chilling mineral water for lunches and keeping bubbly prosecco cool for the whole party.